About Us

Peer & Associates was founded on the guiding principle of providing quality outpatient counseling services for children, adults, couples, and families. We understand the difficulty associated with seeking and locating quality mental health care. We honor the choice to contact our office by promising outpatient mental health services that are compassionate, competent, and tailored to the individualized needs of each person.

We firmly believe that comfort is an important part of successful treatment. We resonate with the negative feelings that can stem from the cold, impersonal feel of large outpatient practices. To address this Peer & Associates is intentionally small so that we can cultivate productive relationships with each individual we see. Our office is warm and inviting, providing comfort and confidentiality while you wait for your appointment.

At Peer & Associates we have a unified vision for psychological health and wellness. We share common values, ethics, and desire to help individuals grow through their struggles using strength-based and evidence-informed approaches. Each clinician is effectively trained within their respective discipline. We are committed to the continuing education of our clinicians through investing in their professional development annually!

Beyond providing quality mental health care for our patients Peer & Associates is also committed to being an active and contributing member of our local community and beyond!

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